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Beginners' Lawn BowlsBeginners' Lawn Bowling - Sunday 30th June 2PM - 5PM

SWAN is delighted to be partnering with LEAP Sports for a special event during Festival Fortnight. This will be held at Kelvingrove Lawn Bowls and Tennis Centre in Klevingrove Park, Glasgow.

The event is open to all and will consist of 40 minutes of Bowling tuition, followed by an informal tournament.

Bowls and light refreshments will be provided, just come along in a pair of flat soled shoes to get involved. Please arrive 15 minutes before the start time to register.

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Unconscious Bias and the LGBT+ Community - Thursday 20th June 6PM

We can't rely on what we see to give us the full picture about people that we meet. It’s all too easy to make rapid assumptions and judgements about people, which can be fuelled by unconscious bias. Conditioned by our own heritage, experience, upbringing and popular culture and how we see the world outside, unconscious biases can negatively impact colleagues, particularly at important stages in careers.    

“When it comes to bias, it seems that the desire to believe in a meritocracy is so powerful that until a person has experienced sufficient career-harming bias themselves they simply do not believe it exists.” – so said the late Ben Barres, a trans man and Stanford University biologist.    

Unconscious bias is the subject of SWAN’s latest event. We’re delighted to be hosted once again by our friends at the FDM Group in Central Glasgow. Our speakers will talk about unconscious bias being nothing to be afraid, after all we all have biases, it’s recognising them and avoiding their negative effects.  They’ll share some practical examples and their own experiences both in their diversity and inclusion roles, and more broadly in society in an interactive session followed by networking opportunities.

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