Trustee Vacancies

How can I help SWAN?

We are looking for people to perform the following roles, either singly or sharing:

  • Communications and Marketing – driving SWAN’s appeal to existing and new audiences through engaging and compelling communications
  • Partnerships – SWAN is dependent upon the support of organisations to host our events. This role is to lead the development of these relationships to ensure a pipeline of events
  • Event leadership – East – SWAN’s reputation hinges on well-run events. This role is responsible for delivering the event plans in and around Edinburgh, liaising with hosts to ensure smooth-running events
  • Event leadership – West – SWAN’s reputation hinges on well-run events. This role is responsible for delivering the event plans in and around Glasgow, liaising with hosts to ensure smooth-running events
  • Treasurer – is responsible for continuing SWAN’s history of sound finances and annual reporting to OSCR on our accounts
  • Company Secretary – responsible for governance of the Charity, ensuring submissions to the charity regulator, OSCR are completed on time and organising trustee (committee) meetings
  • Inclusion – ensuring we continue to offer safe, relevant and interesting events for all people regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation, disabilities and ethnicity. We have focused on ensuring that our lesbian and bi-women attendees feel welcome and want to develop specific content of particular interest to women. We are looking for people to help us continue to offer safe, relevant and interesting events for our trans attendees
  • Other volunteers – the above list is not exhaustive. We would love to hear from anyone who wishes to support SWAN actively, including those who want to help without specific responsibilities. You might like to take on responsibility for say social events, sport or outdoor-focussed events or for a particular sector, such as finance or the professions, or looking after an area that the existing trustees haven’t thought of!


How do I find out more about the roles?


You’ll be able to find out more about these roles from existing trustees at the meeting on October 30th, discuss what you want to achieve and what can you offer SWAN in the month up to the SWAN AGM in November, where we’ll ask volunteers for these posts to stand as trustees for the charity.

SWAN intro information. If you’d like to speak to one of the current trustees, we would be delighted to have a chat, just drop us an email here.

How much time do I need to commit?

We have committee or trustee meetings quarterly, usually face to face in Glasgow or Edinburgh or over the phone. We can accommodate anything from a few hours a month up to a couple of hours a week or more! Our roles are very much what people make them. A lot depends upon the particular role that people perform, and the amount of time does vary. 

We provide networking events, and the volume of work does go up in the run up to and hosting the event. Some of our current trustees are able to take advantage of company volunteering schemes and support SWAN during their working hours. 

What are the benefits of becoming a SWAN trustee?


Fundamentally, it’s the good feeling that we are doing something about supporting our community. We exist to connect LGBTI people. Even in our relatively supportive and more inclusive society, there’s still a challenge about coming out and feeling comfortable about oneself. We’re proud of the feedback we have had about how we are successfully ensuring that our networking places are safe and welcoming.

We’ve all made good friends and contacts. It’s been great for us seeing our SWAN events’ attendees make friends and share business opportunities.

A number of us have benefitted from their careers through their SWAN work. There’s the taking on of new responsibilities and development of additional skills. And the volunteering work demonstrates at work new dimensions to what we can offer as employees, beyond the immediate day job.

Co-founders Robert Cole and Ian Arnot established SWAN in 2008 following their work at BT in the company’s LGBT staff network, Kaleidoscope.“SWAN has given us a great insight into organisations across multiple sectors and we’ve met dozens of people and formed great friendships” says Robert. “We’ve gone on to take on trustee roles in other charities” says Ian. He went on to say: “Robert is now Convener of the Board at LGBT Youth Scotland and I am Chair at Waverley Care.” The LGBT Youth Scotland (LGBTYS) trustee role followed an event hosted by LGBTYS with SWAN.

Where do I sign up?

If you're interested in becoming a SWAN trustee, come along to our next event in Edinburgh on Tuesday 30th October at 5.30, hosted by Brodies LLP. 

Just let us know you are coming by registering for the event here - we look forward to seeing you there!