There's always a new face to find in a crowd. 

You can always be assured of a welcoming and friendly space to make new friends and catch up with people you know.    



With such a wide variety people that attend our events you're never short of an interesting person to make a new connection with. 

SWAN enables you to make professional connections with those at every level in their sector. An opportunity not to be missed.   



SWAN is hosted by so many different companies and organisations that you're bound to come across a sector you might never have been involved with before. 

From Oil to Medicine, Government to Emergency Services, Banking to Creative Industries, we've always events that provide an insight into sectors you've probably never even thought about. 

SWAN provides an opportunity for everyone in the LGBT people to meet together and get to know people from outside of their own social and professional worlds.  

Allowing people to meet those from every sector and every level is core to the concept of SWAN and whether it be at a hosted or social event there is always a chance to make new friends. 

Our events are structured to provide you with the best use of the time available and to allow you to meet as many of the people attending as possible without feeling overwhelmed. There is always time for some informal networking and the ability for you to make your own acquaintances and to allow you to get to know one another better.  

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